Warfarin and cholesterol reducing drinks

Strange question but I had a cholesterol test and the result was just above 5 (below 5 is acceptable). The nurse suggested the benecol drinks, which I have been taking once a day. I have tested my inr a couple of times and it seems to be dropping, today it was 1.9. The only real change has been these drinks. Just wanted to ask if anyone had any experience if this. Thanks

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  • Please clarify what test resulted in a score of 5. Was it your INR? How much time between the 5 and 1.9 results? Have you researched the contents of benecol? I do not understand the cholesterol test, and normal results for that are between 160-200, not 5.

  • Hi, sorry for the confusion.

    Cholesterol results just above 5. 5 anything 5 and below is considered normal. So it is not worrying just advised that it might be advisable to take the cholesterol lowering yoghurt drink.

    Since taking these drinks my inr seems to be dropping. When I posted, it had dropped to 1.9.

    Wondered if anyone had any experience with these 2 things.

    I'm not worried, just curious.

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