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Just wondered if anyone had been given any advice regarding long haul travel. Had a second PE in January after 6 years. Now on Xarelto for life. No symptoms. Really want to go to Kenya this year from UK. Doctor was a bit vague - I'm wondering if I mad to contemplate it especially as I will be on my own with my daughter. I know everyone is different but people tell me I will be the safest person on the plane! Also worried a little about being in the middle of nowhere for a few nights but at the same time I don't want this to stop me living. Thanks to anyone who can share their experiences.

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  • I'm off to the Far East next week, my consultant gave me the OK to go. He also advised to continue taking aspirin before the flight. I double checked with Auntie Coag (that's what I call the anti coagulant clinic 😉), and they said it was fine to do that as aspirin works in a different way to warfarin.

    I also never let my health condition stand in the way of enjoying life. After all, you only get one shot at it!

  • My doc not worried. Said would up my dose of Warfarin or give a Heparin shot for trip. Have a long haul in Feb. next year. Have been putting it off for years. Now must grasp the nettle! Best to have the advice of your doc though. He can consult with hospital clinic. Insist that he does.

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    I also had a PE and I asked that very question to the hematology consultant whom I was under. I was told that because I was taking rivaroxaban I would be at very low risk of a clot compared to other people on the flight. Also I was advised to drink plenty of water on the flight and to walk around regularly.

  • Like you I have had 2 PEs, the last six years ago -no cause found - and am on Xarelto for life. Have travelled many times long haul since then and have had no problems.

    Enjoy your trip!

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