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anxious about my heart ultrasound scan

I am due to have a cardioversion next Thursday 9th March. In the meantime have got a really bad cold and wheezy chest. Doc has given me some antibiotics and steroids to try to get me to my appointment. Whilst at docs I asked for a copy of the results of my scan, I was upset when I read it as last year the scan I had was good. This one states normal size left ventricle with mild impairment of systolic function,mild mitral valve regurgitation into a severely dilated left atrium,right ventricle mildly dilated good function, right atrium was also dilated, the left ventricular ejection fraction was between 45%/50%

Don't fully understand how worried I should be as I don't fully understand!! Help anyone please.

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Really sorry, I don't know..... Can your GP/nurse help ?

Goodluck !


Thanks moo196, was hoping for some expertise from our friends here. Going to try to speak with the cardio nurse


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