Worried about changing from warfarin

I keep getting asking by the practice nurse at my surgery to see about changing from warfarin to one of the new anticoagulants because I have medicine changes quite regularly and it plays my levels up I have had a pe and then a second pe whilst taking warfarin I am on it lifelong and we have a family blood clotting disorder so I am quite worried about the risks of changing and will they work

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  • Why are you on the warfarin? For what specifically?

  • I'd just say no , it's your life & your health & if you feel happier on walfarin stay on it , also depends what your INR range is as the new anticoagulants are only suitable if you have an 3 or below from the things I have read. ,


  • My range is 3 to 4 I have my own inr blood machine at home so I am happy to carry on the same as I have been for the past 2 yrs it just seems they are trying to bully me I am worried because I had my second clot in my lung at at 1.8 that was when my target was 2 to 3 and if my level goes below 2.8 now I have covering injections so I don't think it would keep me safe thank you for your help because they never said it only works up to 3

  • Theres a Raps test online if you look for it , maybe you could print & highlight those parts ? Maybe you could speak to a consultant or something , like I said it's your life , good luck Emma

  • Thank you for all your help I will check it out but as for consultant they went about 6 yrs ago and have been under gp care ever since but I really am glad to talk to people who can understand

  • I do & I know it's hard, I'm waiting to get more tests with my blood after having my second pe , hopebits ok for you just stay firm.


  • Curious to as to where information related to INR range and alternate anticoagulants can be found.? MY prescribed range is 2.5-3.5.

  • I changed from warfarin to rivoxaban I've never looked back no monitoring with rivoxaban.

    I just get a blood test for my liver function test once a year.


  • You need to see a haematologist for a proper assessment especially with a family clotting disorder. As you have already had a second PE while on warfarin i suggest you definitely need to change to one of the new anticoagulants - such as apixaban or rivaoxaban.

    Good luck!

  • I have been quite stable on warfarin I have now gone 8 yrs without any further clots and I did see haematology in the beginning and the genetics test can not be done whilst on any anticoagulants but the rest of the family have been tested and it is very likely I have the disorder there was talk of putting filters around the heart and brain but it was decided to be to risky so I they upped my target from 2 to 3 up to 3 to 4 and I have heard that the new medication do not go above 3 with the second clot on warfarin at 1.8 it wouldn't be safe to drop down to low

  • Raps is right on here upper right corner: stroll down through the pinned posts, then tap on it. Good luck👍

  • I've been told to change too but what I like about warfarin is it can be reversed pretty quickly in an emergency. So none of the new ones go over 3? That's kind of scary. Especially with your condition needing to stay between 3 and 4 is so important. I never knew that about them not going over 3. I'm on warfarin for life too and idk i feel like the newer blood thinners are just so...well, new. I like monitoring because then at least I know where I'm at. Good luck with everything. You do what you feel is right for your body.

  • The biggest issue to me, and a potential life threatening issue, is the fact that an antidote to warfarin, or coumadin, exists and is available at hospitals if you have an accident with bleeding. Antidotes to the alternate anticoagulants either don't exist yet or are undergoing testing. And then there is the significant cost factor. I have had a DVT, PE, and a 2ed, not DVT, clot and am on antocoagulents for life.

  • It's my understanding that although they don't have an antidote, if you started to bleed they would still give you Vit k. Ask your pharmacist what they would do?

  • I have had 2 lots of d.v.t but do not know why,l was always very active.lhave a coffee looking when l spit out my saliva in the morning.

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