Be your own Barometer

Know one can tell you how much pain or discomfort you are in.

If you feel something isn't right with you body do something about it, don't Waite to be informed if only you had come sooner.

We are blessed with a wonderful NHS who are assessable 24 / 7 with dedicated medical professionals who's one aim is to relieve you of your medical issues or concerns.

I am a 63 year old pro active male with some medical issues but I try not let these issues rule or ruin my life or the life of others.

My latest medical issue is I have recently been diagnosed with two blood clots in my left leg & have been advised to take Apixaban 5mg daily for the next three months.

But know one gave me any advice or exercises do's & don'ts etc.

I initially looked on this web sight for suggestions on what exercise I should be doing or what activity I should reduce etc.

Any tried, tested & successful exercises, & or general do's & don'ts would be very much appreciated.

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  • yeoooo G

  • Hello, this is one of my issues too. Whilst in hospital I had very good care and the diagnostics were excellent. Where the health service let's it's self down is in post care and rehabilitation. I have requested physio input through my doctor, this was a week ago and still not heard anything yet. Currently I am resting and keeping my leg raised at every opportunity. I have put together simple range of movement exercises for my legs and working the upper body normally in terms of using weights for strength training and some yoga stretches. I have learnt to keep my exercise sessions short (20 minutes max) and don't do anything that causes pain. I would advise you have another word with your doctor to get some sort of parameters you should adhere to, due to your own personal health needs. I will be connecting back with this forum as soon as I get some worth while answers. All the best with your continued recovery. Nina.

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