Pulmonary embolisms secondary to cancer

I have been fighting breast cancer for 13 years it's been a hard fight the last two years.i was diagnosed with multiple PE in December and have been injecting fragmin daily since them.my oncology team talk about end of life decisions that I might want to do.what are the odds of me not being alive tomorrow with this I feel like a ticking time bomb.am sad confused.fighting cancer is hell but you can fight it but embolisms where do I begin to fight this one anyone got any answers or words of wisdom am not coping mentally.instead of living am waiting to die

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  • Morning Cassydog,

    My sympathies are with you - it IS tough living with these issues - though I haven't had the quite the same I know where you are coming from.

    My advice may sound harsh - apologies in advance-

    Do the LIVING part of life while you can. None of us ever know when our time is up - we are all dying from the moment we are born.

    My illness in 2014 ( which was a form of stroke - left me with severe dementia and some long term brain damage which will get me in the end) . In the meantime I'm trying to Live - do some things I've always wanted to do - mostly travel related in my case - but if painting is your thing - do it - if roller coasters are - do them - if climbing mountains are - do that .. be silly ? do it ! At least I know that if my time were to be up tomorrow ( and if I had a few moments before I passed ) I could look back and say I did some things I wanted to do.

    Make those end of life decisions so they are in place - then go do some stuff/ speak to friends/live it up a bit /have your hair dyed / whatever you want to do - just do it !

    I'm contemplating my third tattoo :-) and some more travel later this year.... go ahead - make some plans for tomorrow and do some things today.

    I try to remember the lyrics of a ( I think Bette Middler) song " it's the souls afraid of dying, that never learn to live"

    Be brave - be bold and get out in the world today - None of us know "when"

    Isn't there also something like " it's how you live the "dash" .... 1965 - ...... ? ..

    Hugs !

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