Any advice on clotting screen blood tests

Hi all

Sorry to post but has anyone got any experience with having an anticoagulant blood screen test? Ive had one done and its come back abnormal, the PT and APPT is too prolonged, i am on warfarin and at the time of the blood test my INR was 1.9, im seeing the GP on Tue but wanted to know if anyone can shed some light?

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi sorry I haven checked but I had blood tests for sticky blood, antiphospholipid, hughes syndrome my memory is really bad this am,one of the symptoms

    If you take a look at the hughes syndrome/ Antiphopholipid lipid syndrome you may get some answers about this.

  • Hi there

    Just seen my GP and he says they were abnormal because of the warfarin therapy, I have been now approved to switch to rivaroxaban

  • Personally I would query it again....the new meds don't have an antidote in case of emergency.....

    I was taking warfarin for two years following a cvst....but have had a few weeks off so we can take bloods to see where we are in terms of finding a possible reason or to see if I need longer anticoagulation.

    Good luck

  • I was in warfarin for 16 years and have had blood test after blood test for the causes of my dvt and pe's none have been found. I just accept now and move on, ive been taking rivaroxaban for nearly a week and have liver and kidney tests in 3 months

  • Sometimes there aren't reasons for having blood clots..... 😑

  • Ive realised

  • That's why I am choosing to take a break from all anticoagulants....

  • Sadly i cant

  • I may have to go back on if the results show something amiss....but if so I think my choice will be warfarin...tried and tested and an antidote available if needed.

  • Yeah I never really thought about that but my GP did say there is no antidote as such yet for Rivaroxaban however the drug only stays in your system for 12 hours or so where warfarin stays 24/48 hours. See how I go with the alternative. The best thing about Rivaroxaban is no weekly INR's (I was never stable on warfarin)....

  • ☺ got mine to 6 weekly appointments so not too onerous.

  • Wish I could have been like that, plus side Riva you take one tablet a day and no dosing (sounds scary) not trying to sell it to you either :) - to be honest wish I could remain off anti coagulants for life but I know that is never going to happen!

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