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Hi all

I have been offered to switch from Warfarin (been on it 16 years for DVT & PE) to a new thinner called Rivaroxaban. On Wednesday just gone the nurse did my normal INR and then said she needed to take a few more tests like FBC, liver & kidney function tests & a coagulation screen test, is this normal? Anyone been through this?

If you have, how long for the results? I suffer with Health anxiety and scared something shows abnormal, if anyone can shed some light? I have not received them back yet


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  • I did not have any screens like the ones you mention (liver,kidney etc.) when I switched to rivaroxaban, but maybe I should have done. In my case, I wish I had not switched because rivaroxaban did not agree with me and I eventually went back to warfarin. However, that is me and other people are better on the newer anti-coagulants like rivaroxaban.

  • Maybe they did all those tests as my INR has always been unstable, stressing now as Im thinking something is wrong and they holding the tests back!

  • I have been on Warfarin for 15 years for a replacement aortic valve.

    I have liver and kidney tests every year but don't know about FBC and coagulation screen test. Although the nurse has 4 tubes of blood to test!

    I am sure you will hear nothing meaning tests are normal (within a week)

  • Thanks its such a worry. I had a broad range of tets end Aug including liver and kidney and fbc and they were fine so hopefully the labs are just busy over this festive period or maybe my bloods havent even been tested as yet however its been 2.5 days

  • Hi there. I'm back on Rivaroxaban after my second unprovoked PE, this time for good. When you start on Rivaroxaban I was told they have to check it isn't affecting you liver and kidney function and you have a full blood count to check your not anaemic which could mean your bleeding somewhere. I have no problems at all with Rivaroxaban (famous last words) and try to carry on as best as you can. Finally got my head around the fact I'm on blood thinners for life but see it as a bit of a safety blanket if you know what I mean, hopefully no more clots. Good luck and hope the Rivaroxaban works for you xx

  • Thanks. I havent started the Rivaroxaban yet but they have requested the tests which ia strange ive just been on warfarin thats it

  • Hi, I was on rivaroxaban for 6 months after an unprovoked PE 16 months ago, I had no problems, I could eat and drink normally. I was screen before I went on the rivaroxaban to check my liver and kidney functions etc. and also after the 6 months of taking them. I was told after the final lot of blood tests they would contact me only if there were any abnormal results, and that was 8 months ago, A little bit open end, but I assume I must be OK. If you are concerned ask the doctors who care you are under.

  • Hi there

    OK from reading your post you also got blood tests BEFORE they put you on the rivaroxaban (which is what they have done with me), I am hoping to get my results at least by the end of this week (I hope)!

  • Usually blood tests before starting a medication is to get a baseline to compare with later. After being on medication for a few months, they may check again to see if the results have changed since the baseline test.

  • hello

    Received my bloods back the liver, kidney and FBC is normal, however the Coagulation screen has come back as follows - is this because I am on warfarin???? Any advice would be welcomed.

    Clotting screening test

    One stage prothrombin time 20 s [10.0 - 12.0]

    Above high reference limit

    Partial thromboplastin time activated 33 s [21.0 - 29.0]

    Above high reference limit

    Thrombin time - observation 15 s [13.0 - 20.0]

    NB. New Reference range from the 1st October 2016

    COMMENTS ****Please Note Abnormal Coagulation Results****

    Patient on Warfarin. Please see sample number

    16M344006 for INR result from 28/12/16

  • Just a reminder - Rivaroxaban does not thin the blood - it interferes with the clotting process. As it is metabolised in the liver 6monthly liver and kidney function tests are advised. INR is irrelevant.

    I have been on Rivaroxaban for 6 years now - feel fine. Warfarin was awful.

  • Thanks. Im on warfarin still, these tests were to see if i could switch. I guess my question is, is abnormal results likely for these clotting screen tests when ine is on warfarin

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