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My husband had a provoked PE after a routine hernia op. Very scary for him. He had been given Rivoxaban 15mg x2 daily. Now he has dropped to one 20mg daily. He has been told that he is to stop on the 5th of Jan. He has had no follow up appointments and none for the future. How do you know if the clot has gone for sure? Before coming off the drugs! The Drs seem so blaze about it! It's worrying! Should we be pushing for a scan before he comes off the drugs? Or is it normal that you just come off and wait and see?? Really anxious about it!


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  • Hi Val, what a worrying time for you. How long ago was your husband's PE? The drugs he's taking don't actually dissolve the clot; your body does that naturally. The drugs protect you by preventing any new clots forming. It takes a few weeks or months for a clot to dissolve and it may leave scar tissue. Fortunately our bodies can make new routes for the blood vessels when the old ones are partially blocked, although some people continue to feel some degree of breathlessness after a PE. A scan isn't necessarily helpful, unless a new clot is suspected (and there is a small dose of radiation so you don't want too many). Even if there is scar damage, it won't make any difference to the treatment.

    It would be helpful if you could discuss your worries with your husband's consultant or his GP, they will be able to explain the process; it's always more worrying if you feel left in the dark. Good luck for a full recovery, so you can leave all this behind you!

  • Thank you so much. It just really scares me that he has had no consultation since the initial appointment. Just a letter stating he is to stop taking the tablets on the 5th of Jan. Bonkers in my view!

    But your right We need to speak to the hospital before the 5th.

    Thank you for your kindness.

    Happy Christmas 🎄 and hope 2017 brings health and happiness in abundance for you and your family xxxxx

  • His I'm not a doctor but I do know that the anticoagulant medications don't resolve the clots it just reduces the risk of more occurring , your body breaks the clots down naturally by its self.

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