Worried wife

My husband was diagnosed with blood clots in both lungs yesterday (unprovoked). He was admitted to hospital where they have started him on heparin. He's been okay in himself except for being breathless for the last few days. (We thought it might be a chest infection)

After being in a coma two years ago with epiglottitis, which resulted in a two bouts of pneumonia from the ventilator and a small PE on the lung.

Doctors don't know if the events of two years ago made him more susceptible to having the PEs but I'm finding this all very scary.

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  • I'm so sorry it's very scary isn't it? He's in the best place & I hope he starts to feel better really soon , I've just had a second unproved pe too & I was walking around feeling breathless for about a week! I thought it was a chest infection too , thinking of you

    Emma x

  • Hi there scary scary time. Hope your husband is doing OK, he's in the right place and starting his meds. Had an unprovoked PE 2 years ago ( it's a one off will never happen again) had my second unprovoked PE in October. On meds for life I'm taking Rivaroxiban at the moment and don't have any problems with it so far, fingers crossed. My mind works overtime, was it something I did, didn't do, should have done .... you know what I mean. We'll probably never know. It's been 8 weeks now and I've sort of got my head around it, tears and feeling very sorry for myself included. I've been told "don't worry about something you have no control over" easier said than done but good advice. Hope your husband gets stronger and less breathless every day and he's home soon.

    Love Eirlys xx

  • It is scary and you wonder if there was something you should have done

    Stop, think , he is going to be OK , it will take time you will worry more

    Than what he will , so to you I say you have to look after your self or you

    Will make yourself ill , he will be fine he's in the right place and has a loving

    Wife to help him along the way , I wish I had someone close like that but that's not to be , I am lucky to have good friends

    So best wishes and let everyone who wants to help do so take care Suex

  • Thanks Sue. You sound like my dad. Even though I know you are completely right, my worrying knows no bounds.

    Clare x

  • Thank you for the support. It means a lot off people who understand because they are going through it too.

    My family are great but it's not happening to them it's happening to us.

    Love Clare x

  • Been thinking about you hope things are improving xx

  • Hi Emma

    He was released from hospital on Monday and told to start 4mg of warfarin as well as injecting deltaparin.

    He went back today only to be told he should have been taking 10mg of warfarin. I'm livid with the pharmacist who told him 4mg.

    He's back tomorrow for another blood test.

    Hope all is good with you.


  • Hello Clare

    That's awful isn't it? Hope it's ok tomorrow , it's all a worry! They can be abit lax with it all 😞 Hope you get it sorted let me know how you get on


  • If it is unprovoked, please have your doctor's check him for Protein C or Protein S deficiency. These proteins help the blood clot and are mostly normal, but sometimes genetically in families it will present around 40 or so or after an operation and someone will say oh, they had a blood clot. Protein C in basic terms will make you blood clot for no reason at all - "They just have rich blood" - Protein S is a little different in that it can cause unexplained TIAs mini strokes or bleeds. Why I am telling you this, because I have Protein C deficiency with an unexplained OR after surgery and can take high levels of Coumadin and will not bleed. I carry papers in my wallet. My mom on the other hand has Protein S deficiency and has had many TIAs, a brain aneurysm, and a bleed. But went to college at 61, got her degree and is doing.fine. My maternal aunt also has ITP which is a platelet disorder. I TELL EVERYONE TO GET TESTED, IT IS MORE COMMON THAN MOST PEOPLE THINK.

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