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My 2nd PE

End November I was rushed to the hospital A&E with palpitations and what the paramedics thought was serve infection. By late Saturday night early hours of Sunday morning after x-ray I was told that I they thought it was a PE with that moved me to Austin acute ward sunshade urgent CT scan the the consultant came back with nurse and said it's not the news you were. How bad is it this time? I was told that there were multiple blood clots in my lungs if hadn't been been brought in they would killed me within days and was told this time because It wasn't caused by any thing I would have to be on warning for life. I also suffer with mental health illness live in residential they are not set up to deal with medical illness I had to deal with pressure from them is there any support groups out there for pe

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Hi poor you what a worry, do you mean Wafarin for life, a lot of us are on Warfarin and manage very well.

Hopefully the staff will learn more about this condition. Not sure if their is a support group, but you will be able to learn more about it and perhaps then won't seem so worrying

Hope you feel more reassured soon and feel better

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