INR elevated to 6.7!

Hi all

I have been on warfarin for about 15 years now due to recurrent DVT & PE, I am 35yr female.

My INR was 2 a fortnight ago and tested yesterday it elevated to 6.7! This is very worrying for me as I know the risk of bleeding is now increased......

I have been under severe stress as of late due to my heath anxiety, an upcoming colonoscopy & home issues including the fact that my diet has decreased in me eating so much less and causing weight loss, can this cause the elevated INR? Anticoag has advised to miss the dose yesterday (already taken before the result came through, oops) but they asked me then to miss today and re-test tomorrow.... I am currently on x 4 3mg tabs each day, I have a sneaky feeling that I have taken two doses in one day last week and then another dose first thing in the morning.

What else can cause this massive elevation in INR, I have had elevated INR's before but that is because I have drunk over the weekend etc and the highest would have been in the 4 range...

Anyone with a sudden elevated INR if you can share your experience?


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  • If you have APSIf you have APS and you are positive for anti-beta2glycoprotein and positive for lupus anticoagulant and are using a home finger stick inr machine you may he getting falsely elevated readings. The INR strips, at least in America can not accuratly read inr in people with positive lupus anticoagulant and elevated levels of the anti-beta2glycoprotein. So If u are getting these readings from finger stick inr I would go to the lab and have INR determined by a blood draw. Under these circumstances it could be reading false high. Hope that helps. If not you could just be like me and have an unstable INR. Hope you get this figured out soon. Take care and extra careful with urself.

  • Sorry for the duplicated words im still trying to figure out how to accurately use this system on my samsung.

  • No, I always have my bloods tested by the lab will never be allowed self testing as my INR is always unstable but never this high!

  • I am glad u r testing properly. I brought it up because I have recently seen APS patients and a treatment facilities suggesting home inr testing to APS patients. Maybe u did take a bouble dose then take more in the morning that would definitely cause a major spike in inr. If u are not already using a pill box I suggest setting up ur meds in one once a week then u will know for sure if u took it and hopefully wont accidental take it twice. Also, just fyi I always take mine at night before bed so that my inr will be at its highest when I am safely sleeping in my bed. I alsi use an alarm on my phone to remind me to take it. I hope you can get your inr under control sonetimes I have to test weekly or even more often to keep mine at a safe and effective level. Im sorry you are having a hard time and hope you get it back under control soon. Be safe. Make today a great day! I say every day that both feet hit the floor is a good day. :) Attitude is half the battle and I have enough for 10 of us! Take care.

  • yes I have a feeling I did take a double dose but my stress is so bad at the moment I cant even remember what I did yesterday let alone last week

  • I have a pill box Monday to Sunday with my rivoxaban in. I have an alarm set on my phone at 6pm to remind me to take my tablet.

  • I am just assuming that I have double dosed somewhere between a fortnight and Wednesday this week.......(I hope so for an explanation)

  • I can't remember from one day to another if I took my tablets so I use a pill box this way I never miss a doseage or take too many.

  • I know what you mean, I have one but dont use it...will have to start

  • We were told by my clinic not to take your warfarin until the

    Evening and everyone I know who is on it takes it at night

    And to take it before your look test would make it all wrong

    So why not try it at night if you have been on it so long why

    Do you not know more about how it works ???

  • Excuse me?? The whole reason why I asked the question as you can see from my post is that 'I have been on warfarin for about 15 years now due to recurrent DVT & PE', I obviously do not know all the ins and outs of the medication HOWEVER as I stated too that 'What else can cause this massive elevation in INR, I have had elevated INR's before but that is because I have drunk over the weekend etc and the highest would have been in the 4 range' please read before you judge maybe??

  • I have had a massive increase in INR when I went abroad and the weather was very hot!

  • Sorry to sound judgemental but u have to try and calm down I know it's hard to do that

    But take a deep breath in and let it out slowly 3 times and tell your self that you are

    The best , and try and have a little me time even if it means taking time out from work /home so be it and try taking you meds at night look after ur self

  • HI,

    I'm 46 I've had three blood clots now I was put on warfarin for life I couldn't get my inr to stabilise, so I've changed over to rivoxaban there's no monitoring you just take the tablet every day. So far so good been on it nearly a year now.

    I do need a liver function test doing twice a year.

    I was fed up with my inr it was bizarre.


  • Hi Tracey13 and anyone else who is on one of these new anticoagulants which don't require regular monitoring, could you tell me how you know whether your INR levels alter...or do you self monitor or still check in with lab ever month or so?

  • You don't have an inr level on rivoxaban. It's a tablet you take every day.

    Warfarin stays in your body for a few days where as rivoxaban only covers you the days you take the tablet.

    Warfarin is reversible where as there's no antidote with rivoxaban it's still in clinical trial.

  • I would like to try rivoxaban! My INR was lowered to 2.7 last week Friday after the massive elevation to 6.7 and this week it came out at 2.2, I am not almost 100% certain I double dosed myself.

  • I was fed up with my inr it just wouldn't stabilise. I tried sticking to the same foods when I had a good reading but it made no difference.

    I've felt fine on rivoxaban I just get a liver function test twice a year.

    I've had no side effects at all.


  • PHEW INR is down to 2.7!!!! Thank goodness!!!!

  • Hi,

    I'm on warfarin....for two years now....Probably for life as mine is unexplained blood clot on the brain...grr !

    Personally don't know what would cause such a huge spike....other than possibly taking too much (my fear when I was first discharged from hospital as I was totally gaga and had carers in to dish out....I didn't know whether I had taken them or not ( months later found them in the washing basket so obviously not).

    Progressed to a pill dispenser that bleeped and flashed...but now have an evening alarm for 6.30 meds set on my phone.

    I discussed possible use of alternatives, but agreed that these were not for me ( non reversible if I needed it to be ie road accident or surgery required immediately ) and again, personally prefer to be monitored regularly.

    Glad it's settled a bit for you ☺

  • Hi moo196, I feel the same, like the security of knowing what my INR levels are and yes, a definite plus, knowing that warfarin, unlike the other ones, is reversible if ever needing surgery, etc...and of course, if INR levels become too high, we are at risk of bleeds then ...yet another reason for regular monitoring. I only require monthly checks now, but I have the security of knowing should it drop or increase, I'm then monitored more often until safe again.

  • Yeah rivoxaban isn't reversible like warfarin that's the risk I've had to take.

    I have a pill box for the days of the week then I know I've took my tablets x