Month # 5 on Xarolto

I have not checked in on this sight in a long time. But I have worked very hard trying to find out why I have a DVT and after getting 5 blood test done at the Heamotologist and finding out I was very very anemic I was given B12 & lot's of Iron. I discoverd that my fibroids were part of the problem and I had surgery last Thursday. I found out just before the surgery that I am NOT animic anymore and I hope when I go back to get ultrasound in a month my clot is gone. I know I feel better and I still need to wear compression stocking for a YEAR but I hope to get off Xarolto. My surgery was a day Nova sure lessor surgery and just a little cramping but I hope all this is helping my heart beat better. Dr. Said it should. Hope everyone had a great 4th of July and is finding out how to heal thy self... This is very frustrating but getting through it takes lot's of Patients....

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  • glad things are improving. I've got a gynae consultant appointment very soon so will certainly mention these things in case relevant for me too . thanks for the heads up ! :-) K

  • Hi how are you? I am NO longer anemic now to keep it up until my ultrasound in 3 week's. Eating raw Beets not in can, fresh cut in small pices and snack on throughout the day helps with oxygen in the BLOOD

    And I like then a bit sweet and yummy! Hope this finds YOU on a happy note and you are better.

  • What side-effects have you had from Xarelto? I am also taking the drug for AFib and I can hardly walk and have constant pain in my legs. I have had all kinds of tests done which showed nothing! I want to get off Xarelto but my dr says NO, that's not causing my pain. I'm afraid to stop it myself because I don't want to have a sudden stroke. I am so confused!

  • I am also on this drug for the last year blood clots in each lung dvt in left leg - been told I cant come off it - like you joint pain every where feel tired constantly

    8 weeks in hospital- also have RA for 10 years ---taking methotrexate for that 15 mg tablets once a week told it was RA attacking lungs also found I had Cushing disease had to have my left adrenal glad remove due to tumour on it causing Cushing disease - this as not made me feel any better - just been wean off 30mg hydrocortisone

    Hate taking this xarelto drug once a day 20mg feel my life is now over - had to give my job up as I find it difficult to walk far- I just shuffle around my house getting fatter 5 stone weigh from 12 stone to 17 stone gain since the clots and Cushing-- attend slimming world but weight not moving

    Docs wont let me come off Xarelto- I tell them about the side effects joint pain feel depressed and constantly tired just say I have to put up with it not a another drug I can try - feel I have loss my family life as well as my job just sitting here day to day takes me all day to do house work as I constantly have to sit down for small breaks

    cant stop taking Xaretlo doc say --------- due to the possibility of another stroke /blood clot but this is no way to live !!!

  • I am also very depressed. Can't do much of anything without stopping to rest. I saw my cardiologist last week and demanded he change my Xarelto to something else. So...he switched me to Eliquis twice a day. I read it basically has the same side-effects but I'm hoping I don't experience ALL of them! I will give it a try and hopefully I can walk better. I also suffer from RA and OA plus psoriasis! I have always been a fairly healthy person and it's so depressing to deal with all this going on!

  • I've been on this drug for 9 weeks & the pain in my legs is awful has it got any better for you ?

    Thanks Emma

  • I'm on that & I also now have constant leg pain behind my knees & burning no pain killers work

    Emma x

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