Need advice

Is anyone there I'm scared and need advice. My back started hurting in the middle like it needed cracked so I went to a chiropractor he popped something and I almost passed out. Since then the pain is radiating around my sides into my chest. I can't breathe it hurts so bad. I can't sleep unless straight up. I've almost passed out 3 more times. My right knee in the back has felt funny like I strained it or tight I guess. I'm afraid I have a blood clot!

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  • Have you been to your doctor yet if not get there today

    Or go to the Ambulatory dept in your local hospital

    At once !!!!

  • You need to go to emergency as soon as possible just to be safe . Please. I wish you luck.

  • go straight to emergency room and have scans, I have had 4 strokes do to blood clots not diagnosed properly do not wait better safe than sorry, don't mean to scare you but it could save a lot of stress or your life! good luck

  • This happend to me ehen I had a P.A. and yhe clot eent to my lung.

    I couldn't breath for 3 days.

    Verry serious couldn't lay down are walk . I hope you got checked out.

  • That's how they found my big clot I didn't know I had it until it wrnt to my lungs.

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