We found the answers!!

I can't believe that the problem I had 12 year's ago when I was pregnant ia the root og the DVT. I found out during pregnancy that I have 5 fibroids and this along with the genetic protien deficiency has made me chronic anemia...so low that along with vericoas veins my blood struggles to get to my heart. The fibroids get very large. I saw my OBGYN yesterday to have them removed my surgery is simple laser 30 min. At Gwinnett Hospital June 30 at 7:30 am. I started to get this in 2010 and talked myself out of it. I had C sections with both kid's and had to have a catheter with both. They blocked my passage to pee. Scary!!!! Nevertheless I am ready and will be much happier after!

Hoorah for finding out why and moving forward with treatment!!

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  • Hi Teresa been on holiday so only just seen your post. Good to know you've got definite answers and a plan! Very best of luck for your op, post an update and let us know how it goes. Sharing your experiences helps folk in the future who may have the same issues, so many thanks for taking the time to share. Take care!

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