I got all my test results back and I am thankful and relieved!

I got all my test results back and I am thankful and relieved!

The genetic protien deficiency along with 5 Fibroids. While pregnant with my first child 12 year's ago I found out I had them they gave me nig problems with both children and I had to give birth 2 week's early with both and have a C section. They got really big see they grow with hormones and they took nutrients from them and me. The Dr.said I wouldn't have problems with them only heavy BLEEDING but man do I ever! This along with my protein deficiency is what caused my CLOT. I have to take

Both of these Iron supplements.

Probiotic ..and Gluconate! I have low

Bs and Iron... My Iron is up and Protein this should get my B12.

One month of my new high meat DIET then I can take one more blood test to come off Xarolto. Cross my fingers it's looking good though. See I didn't know about the nutrition problem and I ate lot's of salads and water. I ate chicken and fish but they want me having red meat! LOTS! Good thing I am working out now day's . I also am getting the fibroids taken care of starting on the 7 of June I have lots of options to fix this without a hysterectomy 😁then in 60 day's I can hopefully come off of Xarolto and I am so trilled. My new ultrasound is in 60 day's. Thing's are looking good and I feel very healthy... My levels are up already Iron is normal😁 Thanks everyone for the support , feels good to know more and fix this problem!

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  • Great news really pleased for you, let us know how it all works out for you! Good luck!


  • Had my surgery to get rid of fibroids 5 of them I call them Allen's draining my nutrients and messing with my BLOOD. Had it last Thursday and I'm not aniemic anymore so mu next ultra sound is in 30 day's crossing fingers the clots gone.Hope you are ok and had a good weekend.

  • I will let you know. I feel great with the supplements and compression has really helped. No more swelling are pain. Hope you have a great weekend!

  • Fantastic news! Once you are fully recovered from the surgery you should really start to feel better. Will you need any ongoing treatment for the protein deficiency? We all take our health for granted until something goes wrong. It must feel great to know what's causing the problem and be well down the road towards getting it all sorted. You sound like a positive person and I always think that helps!

  • I will have one more blood test and one more ultrasounds to see if clots gone, this will be 6 month's total on Xarolto. I hope to come off it. And yes I have to run 3 time's a week are walk 30 min.s a day and take Iron, B12 and drink protein shakes 2xs a day. Forever probley but thats ok. Compression stockings for a YEAR but I feel blessed. When I started I thought it could be cancer so I am blessed. How are you? Do you have a DVT?

  • I'm fine thanks, my DVT was 3 years ago so off all treatment now with just a few niggles caused by damage to veins etc. Posting on here and reading other folks' experiences helped me so much when I was feeling scared. Your attitude is spot on, it's not cancer, the stockings and tablets are a pain but they're not for ever and even if they were, it would be worth it to stay healthy. Count your blessings and the time will fly by. All the best!

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