Getting closer to why!

Hello friend's .. I got my blood test back andwe are closer to finding out why I have a clot. First thing he started me on Fergon Iron it is a different strain Gluconate. 3 xs a day 325mil. We also know that I have a genetic protien S deficiency which can cause blood clots. My protein acid level was 44 it needs to be 60 to 100 it keeps the blood from clotting and flowing healthy. I have always eaten well 3 meals a day.. Now I eat 5 meals high protein diet !! He took more blood last week when I went to get results to compare after getting those back myB12 is low. No a big surprise to me because once a month I Bleed like CRAZY because of Xarelto. So I go back wed. To talk more about all this. Until then they want 3 day's of stool samples mailed to the lab thank goodness they have a nice kit that makes it easy. I am feeling great and I am confident this will pass in time. The swelling is gone and the ultrasound is scheduled in 90 day's So I will run do commpression socks and figure this out.

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  • So glad you are getting some answers, somehow it's all easier to deal with when you know why it's happening. Sorry don't know anything about the protein s deficiency but someone else on here might do. Anyway sounds like you're making progress at last, best of luck!

  • Thank you and yes it ferls as though we are making progress.

  • Hope you find the answers you need. :-)

    Personally I'm trying not to become too medicalised about things because I believe ( rightly or wrongly ) that once you start investigating it can just lead to more problems/ investigations etc ..... like- if blood protein levels are too low but you are eating lots of healthy things it may not as simple as improving with diet .... I do know that my b12 is low - therefore have injections on a monthly basis and won't investigate other reasons why unless I need to..... I need to live a bit inbetween.

    Off on a major trip soon - with or without the blood clot on the brain - I'm not letting it beat me !

    Take care


  • With out answers you can't rule out cancer, blood thinners wont cure that.

    I also have a daughter who is 12 and I am happy tp know that a Genetic protein deficiency could have caused this because it's bettet then cancer my levels can be fixed. I also will have my daughter checked to see if she has this because in high school I had seizes now I know why. Uf ypy don't work towards gixing the hsve tp take this med. Forever I don't want that and will do what ever it takes, it's not good to tske a pill to mask the true reson you csn be happy and still figure it out. I am also have a verry FULL AND FUN LIFE sorry I made you think not my kid's don't really know much because I dont complain and smile through it. I came on this sight hoping to get my feelings out. But giving up on the body is simply NOT my style. I'm feeling better every day and I hope to get off the meds. In 3 month's.If you know why it is possible if not you rake the drugs and just keep taking. Good luck!

    Have a safe trip.

  • PLEASE don't let it Beat You!

  • Sorry about the spelling I am on phone and have tinny key's and nig thumps, lol 😁I have always disliked pills and I believe we can heal our body's if we know whats wrong. I have fixed the Iron. Protein by eating it 5xs a day and yes may need B12 shots but yeah

    They haven't said cancer so I am still blessed. And feel great!

  • Haha Big thums

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