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Pulmonary embolism again

Why did I get pulmonary embolism last year then got all clear now just been in hospital for tests because of abdominal pain and bowel trouble along with bloating I'm only 56kilo and 5ft 11 in I eat healthy but not as mobile because I have M.E but had it for 7 yrs so why am I getting repeat clots on lungs they're not from Dvt's I've been told and now I'm thinking back and I was put on Benzodiazepines last year ! Lorazepam 4 mg a day I am desperate to get to the bottom of this. Now on Apixaban twice a day.

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Can you get your hospital haemotologist on board to take a full raft of blood tests to see if you have any genetic blood clotting problems or something like Hughes Syndrome? After 3 major PEs nearly 30 years ago it wasn't until I warned my daughters that I thought there might be a clotting problem in the family as both father and uncle had died. Eldest daughter consulted her haemotologist at the London hospital where she was having her antenatal care. Sure enough it was found that there is a genetic blood clotting flawed gene and a touch of antiphospholipid syndrome in our family. There are probably yet more factors yet to be discovered. I was found to be the "Index" as uncle and father were dead [suddenly and both at a young age] and couldn't conclusively be proved to be the origin of the problem themselves. Get tested so that you know what's flushing around your system. Anne

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Am emailing my hemotologist


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