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Heart Arterial Spasms

Just had a diagnosis after asking consultant cardiologist by letter why I had pressure on my chest and why my angiogram only showed 30%/40% narrowing of the left descending coronary artery which at the time I was told that it wasn't serious enough to warrant any operations and most people my age (53) would likely have similar conditions so stay on meds.

But in hospital while waiting for angio I had horrendous crushing on my chest treponin raised slightly from 3-21 so he said I had a minor cardio infarction now being told that it's arterial spasms because I've had more tightness since and I use my GTN Spray which eases it but not permanent so I'm scared I'm going to have a full blown heart attack it's more scary living alone I can cope with my M.E. but this is different any doctors ever read our statuses here ? X

Bill K

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