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I just dont understand

Im 35 active mother of 2. I got a dvt unexplained in june. They kept me in hospital for 7 days trying to level out my inr, with a mixture of 30 mg lovenox shots 2x's a day and coumadin. Then go to regular doctor, he puts me on xarelto. Then i have my mentral cycle that lasted 28 days of unbearable hemmorging. Go to gyn and guess what i have fibroids and a enlarged uterus. Now i have to have emergency hysterectomy because i cant stop bleeding and my iron level gets lower and lower. My hemotogolist takes me off xarleto and on 120 mg of lovenox injections. Im 11 days post surgery and get a weekly inr done. Why are they checking my inr? I thought lovenox was immeasurable. Not to mention they call me today and say my inr is .08 ummm ok? Is this bad? I asked her do i need to go to the hospital or something? She says she'll call me back. What is happening?

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I believe that an INR is only tested when a person is on Warfarin, if it were me I would go to my Gp and have a word with him/her ? Maybe that you could have a 2nd opinion, personally I wouldn't be worried about an INR of 0.8 as that I believe is what would be expected for someone that's not on warfarin. I am not medically trained so discuss this with Doctor/ nurse at your surgery

You could always check with a pharmacist

hope you get things sorted out soon

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The new anticoagulants do not require testing of INR, but when I was on injections I had to have my INR tested.

Apixaban has a significantly reduced risk of internal bleeding as opposed to Rivaroxaban and I would suggest that you discussed switching to this with your GP or Heamotologi

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