Hi guys,

I wrote a post few weeks ago about having a doppler scan, well i've had it done and found mild PAD in my left leg, i'm shocked!!! i'm only 29, both arms and right leg are normal but left leg has weak pulse and low blood pressure. doctor has authorised low grade compression stockings to see how they go for now. i've not been told anything else as yet until my appointment next week. is it really something to worry about?

Loves hope everyone is well :)

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  • Sorry but what is pad

  • peripheral arterial disease

  • I would try not to worry difficult I know, but at least you are being treated for it, stockings etc, hope all goes well next week, please let us know how you get on

  • Having same test done on Tuesday. Already wearing compression hosiery, grade 2.

  • hey guys, ive got my stockings grade 1, left leg is quite comfy but my right calf is painful, nurse is supposed to ringing me today.

    nossib let us know how you get on