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Warfarin and self-monitoring survey extended to all of UK. Please help ACE by completing short survey

We have been asked by SCSLhealth if we can extend the survey to anyone in the UK who are taking warfarin if they would help with some research around self-monitoring your INR by completing a short survey.

SCSLhealth delivers the UK’s leading clinical support software for the management of warfarin dosing.

The software, INRstar, is used by clinicians; often in nurse-led anticoagulation clinics.

SCSL health are working with us to look at new ways to support patients and clinicians towards warfarin self-management and are very keen to get your feedback on what would and wouldn’t work from a patient perspective.

Please follow the link to take their short survey for the opportunity to express your views, with the chance to win some vouchers!


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I completed the survey but it felt more like a consumer survey for a paid service, which is not something I would be interested in.


I already use the self test protocol. I can't get by question 6 despite answering the questions.