I'm worried

I'm having abdominal surgery on Tuesday, I stopped taking Coumadin last Wednesday as instructed, and started lovenox injections, I check my inr at home, yesterday it was 2.0 today it is 1.5......my therapeutic range is 2.5-3.5, as I have had a mechanical heart valve since "98" my doctors are not available since it is the weekend, should I be worried of blood clots?

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  • There is no need to check your INR Coumadin and lovenox work in different ways

    i wouldn't worry, but of course check with a medical professional pharmacists will be able to reassure you more

  • Nothing to worry about. The Lovenox has the same effect as the Coumadin but has no effect on INR. Good luck with the operation.

  • You don't check your inr whilst on heparin injections, but if you are worried phone a health professional they will help you and help you come of the injections and re start your blood thinners, good luck

  • Thank You all that responded, I'm feeling much more reassured and comfortable about my low inr now, today it was 1.3, but I am taking my lovenox injections twice a day, so I'm not going to worry about it, (well try not to anyway) I'll just be happy when the surgery is over, and I'm back on Coumadin and in my therapeutic range. Again thank you for your help and advice, it is truly appreciated! 😄

  • I was the same as you Jaileena just prior to recent surgery but I was carefully monitored and injections ( clexane) were continued for about a week after surgery, as well as my warfarin restarted day after surgery. Good luck with your surgery.

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