Hi guys & gals!!

so, after my dvt in November 2013 i got given some compression stockings (to the thigh) properly measured and fitted except they fell down all the time so i gave them up! Now, this year alone i've been in and out of the gp/a&e with either swelling or pain had multiple d-dimers and dvt's so have been given more stockings from the a&e doc not been measured just told to 'see if they fit' gave them up too. last week i asked my nurse if i could get some more properly fitted just to the knee and she said no!!! apparently i need a doppler scan?? i've never had one or been offered one, why now? has anyone else had one? i'm abit miffed really!

Loves, hope everyone is well :)

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  • I think the nurse might have been the wrong person to ask, why don't you speak to your GP to ask why, have you thought of wearing a suspender belt ? Might help keep them up, I don't know but perhaps your DVT was above your knee or behind it.

    Hope you manage to get it sorted out

  • I think that the reason for a Doppler scan is to assess the risk of wearing compression stockings. If this is not assessed, wearing the stockings can cause gangrene in extreme cases!

    Good luck!

  • The Doppler scan is to assess the blood flow through the veins. I just had my annual check-up (into my second year). Had DVT 10 years ago, but more recently has cellulitis (5 times in one leg over 2 years). Test was to help get to the underlying reason why this might be reoccurring. My Nurse prescribed custom fit stockings, to help with the flow of blood and I've been okay since. Have the test, it's non-invasive and additionally they will take physical measurements of both legs so they can compare them. The nurse should then prescribe the custom fit stockings if you need them