New Anticoagulant Update

I have just had a most informative appointment with a Consultant Haematologist to establish the most appropriate course of Anticoagulant treatment for myself.

I have had four DVT's in my right calf and three PE's. I am now on life long Anticoagulant therapy.

I have been taking Rivaroxabin (20mg) since March, having switched from Warfarin. No ill effects at all.

The Consultant advised that all of the hospitals in the UK are aware of the procedures to deal with heavy bleeds should a patient taking Rivaroxabin be presented to them and that an antidote has been established.

Interestingly, she has advised that I switch to Apixaban 2 tablets twice daily (2.5 mg strength). the rationale behind the switch is that the dosage of Apixaban is just as effective as Rivaroxabin but that the potential for an internal bleed is significantly less.

Apixaban is NICE Approved and available on prescription.

I will be following up with my GP to make the arrangements to switch.

Is anyone else out there currently taking Apixaban? What are your experiences?

Good luck to all who are taking anticoagulants!

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  • I also have change warfarine to rivaroxaban 20mg and feeling much better and no side effects just wich i new about early,wend i was in warfarine i was terribel ill and having to many heavy bleedings and had to be in hospital and still had cloths on my legs calf and one pe i felt that i was going to die thank God for the new drug also they have other drugs available but they dont tell you because is to expensive eg warfarine is 10p per tablet and rivaroxaban is £4.00per tablet for people like me on anticoaglants for life is to expensive sadly they put money before peoples healthwe are just a number not a person that is suffering enought and wants to get better to carring on having a normal life as possible but with out the right treatement is impossible.

  • Thanks for this post. I have been on a couple of short term prescriptions for riveroxiban and will bare this other drug in mind for the future if I need it.

  • What do you mean short term ?

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