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Hi All

I am new to taking Warafin (I suffer with IPAH)

I have read that with mixed information as to what to do re visiting the Dentist i.e. I am probably due an extraction , clean and a filling.

I would be interested to know members experience on what they have done when attending for similar appointments. i.e. Liaising with the Dentist and your Consultant.

Your help would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone.


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  • Hello Lesley I have only undergone routine treatment including cleaning and polishing and there was no requirement for me to alter warfarin dosage. As warfarin is such a common drug I would fully expect your dentist to provide the appropriate advice to meet the requirements of your treatment.

  • My dentist knows I am taking Warfarin, no problems with cleaning and polishing. He doesn't ask to see INR levels. The only problem I have is trying not to laugh when he is sorting out my teeth. He is brilliant.

  • My dentist wanted me to have a blood test the day before I had treatment so he knew what my nri score was. My hygenist wouln't treat me if the score was above a certain number. I can't remember what it was now.

  • Firstly, you must advise your dentist you are now on treatment.

    I always advise my dentist of my current INR result and as I self - monitor using one of the portable coagulometers available for this purpose, I can do the test the day before or on the day of my visit to check I am in range. I have only once had an issue with a hygienist who wouldn't clean my teeth due to a slightly higher than normal result (2.5 is my norm) and I was around 3. My dentist got involved and the cleaning went ahead without incident(bleed)

    If you are having an extraction, your dentist should be able to advise you as to what INR level is expected and you will need to arrange a test beforehand. I would suggest you speak with the clinician who is managing your warfarin dosing and make sure the test is done within an acceptable time range. Most dentists are understanding re: their warfarin patients but it does become more difficult if appointments have to keep being re-scheduled for you and the dentist. I had all my wisdom teeth removed at the same time in a hospital setting

    If you would like to find out more about the self -testing devices, please visit ACE as part of the AntiCoagulation Self Monitoring Alliance which currently campaigning for choice and access to self -monitoring for people who wish to check their own INR levels as and when needed. Check it out at www.ACSMA.

    Below is the link to the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence clinical knowledge summaries updated in February 15 for your information

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you so much very useful. I currently have my INR checked at my local surgery who send the results the same day to the Hematogy Consultant at the hospital who then advises me on my Plan for the next period. I have experienced so far weekly visits, bi weekly visits and this time as my INR was in the range set by the Consultant for a month.

    I live in Spain and I am British will look at the self testing equipment to see if I can afford (as both myself and my husband are pensioners and have no other income).

    Thanks again


  • moxycillin 1 hour before treatment, I have always experienced discomfort in my mouth afterwards. This has got much worse, Last December and January I had 2 extractions so had 2 doses . My mouth was unbearable for 4 months. I tried anti fungal tablets, various mouth sprays, biotens, and Nystin?. I now am waiting to see an Oral consultant. My mouth never has any visible signs to see.

    In 2008 NICE sais there was no need to take antibiotic prior to dental tratment but recently they are recommending it should be taken as there have been more deaths from Endiocarditis.

    Hope this is of some help

  • I have been taking Warfarin for 14 years. My dentist would not be happy if I did not have 3g of Amoxicillin one hour before treatment.

    Until 2008 NICE recommended that anyone with a replacement aortic valve followed this practice. Then they said it was up to each individual to decide with their dentist and GP My G>P> said it was up to me to make the decision.

    Your problem and risk might be completely different from mine.

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