hello all

4 weeks ago i was diagnosed with DVT as a result of a clot discovered in my right arm-pit and right and side chest.

i under went a series of injections in hospital as well as warfarin 10mg daily. my INR was then 2,58 but a week ago went up to 3,8. i am now on 7,5mg warfarin and due for testing in 3 weeks time.

I still experience swelling in the right arm. the cause of the clot is uncertain but it is thought that damage due to an right arm muscle injury (lifting heavy objects) may have been the cause.

My self confidence is shattered and any abnormal feeling pain or otherwise brings about an anxiety attack. I must say reading a lot of the posts has really helped but any other guidance is appreciated.

Thanks all and take care.


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  • Good Morning please speak to your Dr again He /she might be able to reassure you more. I had a Dvt 30+years ago, my leg is still a little bit swollen, at least you are now on the correct treatment.

    Its only 4weeks since your blood clot it's hard not to worry but Warfarin is a brilliant drug

    Wishing you well

  • Thank you kindly

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