Hi, I've been on warfarin since '09 for a cpl DVT's in my legs, I get tested every 12 wks as my levels tend to be within range (1.8-3.0) normally around 2.4-2.8, I bought a self testing kit to give me piece of mind in between visits an my latest test my INR was down to 1.8 bang on range, it went to 3.6 after I drank to much in Jan do I missed a dose the nxt day an it levelled out I'm just not sure what to now it's dropped as it's not happened before. Any help is appreciated.

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  • Never miss a dose unless you have been told to by the professionals who prescribe your Warfarin.

    I would have thought 1.8 was out of range but INR's go up and down and usually settle down, how often are you testing ?

    You really need to speak to your anticoagulant nurse or Dr for advice about Warfarin or see if there is any leaflets at Drs surgery or pharmacy.

  • Hi, I'm due in to the coag clinic on Thursday, I tend to test myself every 3-4 wks an visit the clinic every 12 wks. If I've had to much to drink I reduce or miss a dose an it's seems to be ok.

  • My range is 1.8 - 3.0 I'm on 5mg Mon-Sat an 4mg on a Sunday.

  • You should really speak to the anti coagulant clinic about this.

    They can advise you but I do not think that you should double up on the dose. The clinic issues specific

    instructions about missed doses.

    It would be interesting to list the various clinics to compare their advice on this and other matters. Is guidelines or does each Trust/anti coagulant clinic draw up its own set of procedures and guidelines.

  • Never miss a dose. Simple ;)

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