dvt?? infection??

dvt?? infection??

hi i had an operation on my lower left leg on 8th dec 2014 to remove a growth which had grown back after 18 months, i had a dvt from the first op in july 13 and then was told i have factor v leiden, i was given clexane injections before and after the op on 8th dec 14 to stop any clot forming, 2 weeks after my op i had a huge swelling in the area of the operation, last monday 5th jan my surgeon drained the area which was 300mls of fluid, by wed 7th jan it was full again, i had some severe uncomfortable pain last night in my calf which is quite solid and vomited during the night, i feel quite unwell in myself today and still in pain aswell as some chest pain could this be dvt or infection??? didnt want to just assume the worst and waste a&e resources any advice will be much appreciated until i can get to see my gp or visit a&e tomorrow

thanks emma

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  • Hi Emma listen don't think for a minute that your wasting a+e time cause you've got a genuine problem, I myself am prone to dvt's and pe's on my lungs I was on warfrine for about a year or so and always getting clexane injections because my inr was very low so I know what your experering, you have to go to a+e and get it checked out because you've all the symptoms of a pe I'm not trying to scare you but please get it checked out, I'm on a drug now called rivaroxaban and have never looked back can you please let me know how you get on, all the best.... Jim...

  • hi jim thanks for the reply, my 2 children are in bed now so once they are at school tomorrow morning im going to a&e to get checked out i will keep you updated

    thanks for the advice emma

  • Yes I agree with Jim regarding your use of A & E time. Don't even finish reading this post. Oh! and if you had a PE as Jim suggests then I would expect extreme breathlessness. At least I did with my PE

  • Hello Emma. Your leg looks so swollen and painful? I'm not a doctor but with you having had it drained already and having chest problems... I seriously think you should refer to a&e? Have you rang 111? Perhaps you should ring them in the first instance and at least they can go through things on the phone with you... And if necessary they will ring for an ambulance for you.... Other than that they can at least give you some medical advice without lengthy delay?

  • hi flowerpower many thanks for your reply, my 2 children are in bed now so once they are at school in the morning im going to a&e to get checked out, ive took painkillers and ibrufen so

    hopefully i will get at least a few hours sleep

    tonight, i will keep you updated as to how i get on

    many thanks emma

  • Hope you got on ok today

  • hi daisyd i have an infection in my leg which is causing the unwell feeling and chest pain, im seeing my surgeon next week to drain my leg again once the infection has gone thanks for asking

  • That's good hopefully you should soon be feeling better

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