Scared and confused

5 weeks after being diagnosed with massive DVT from ankle to groin my vascular surgeon got diagnosed with cancer and has gone to Miami for treatment and has no plans to return soon. There is no other specialist in Punta Cana where I live so my doctor told me to see the local cardiologist or the plastic surgeon if I need anything! Here there are no nurses that follow up with patients.

So I asked a friend to drive me 2 hours to the Capitol city to see one of the 2 specialists there. After doing some blood tests and seeing my platelets were at only 85,000 this doctor took me off the daily dose of 15 mg of Xarelto and put me on 81 mg of aspirin per day and another pill 75mg once per day called Nabratin that he said would help my platelets. ( I also have ITP, low platelets, from many years ago)

Now one week later I feel like I have more tingling and more cramping, so I sent the dr an email and he told me to go back on Xarelto! as well as another pill called Methycobal. So now I don't know what to do?? I don't know if the increase in cramping etc is due to having been off the Xarelto after only 4 weeks and should I really go back on it with my platelets being at 85,000 ?

I really don't know if I am getting the best treatment there is ? I am scared and confused and feel very lonely since I have in been in Punta Cana 5 months, have no family here ( they are in Canada) although luckily I do have 2 close friends from many years ago to happen to live here. I moved here for a very good job offer and left everything behind to make this move and now I feel like I will get fired from my job the first day I return since I have been off work for one month already and the doctor just gave me another month off. ( they hired someone else and put him in my position)

Any feed back would be very appreciated! I am very glad to have found this site. Thank you!


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  • Hi sorry you feel so alone must be really worrying,

    If I were you I would go back and see my Gp and see if he/she can give you more information

    It's hard when you have put your trust in just one person. but you seem to be doing the best you can.

    We are not medically trained on here so can't advise you on medications etc,

    Wishing you well

  • Thanks Daisyd. I feel much better just knowing i am not alone in this and that there are other people who can relate to the emotional roller coaster we find ourselves on. Happy holidays! All the best!

  • In my opinion I would fly back to Canada to sort out any health concerns and such. Canada has the best health care i believe. My sister passed away from blood clots and i had a P.E afer a surgery. It is nothing to take lightly, the doctor out there doesnt seem to be too informative and if you switch back and fourth without any testing of yout blood level (inr) you can be at risk for internal bleeding or a fatal clot. If your job fire you over this, then that goes to show you its not a good company to work for... Health first!!!! You can always look for another job but cant look for another life to live.

  • Hi Jerrete,

    Unfortunately, I dont have any health insurance in Canada, only here in the Dominican Republic. Plus a flight to Canada is over 6-7 hours and the idea of flying that far makes me nervous.

    I have seen 2 specialists here, and had a phone consultation with another one in one of the best hospitals in Mexico ( where I lived before my move to the DR) all 3 agreed with the treatment.

    So now I am going to get another Doppler ultrasound next week and do another dimer D test and platelet count also. If everything looks pretty good I will stay here, if not, I will probably fly to Miami ( less than 2 hour flight) I don't have any health insurance in the US either, but if things aren't looking like they are headed in a more positive direction then I will have to just pay what it takes to get more answers.

    I was told that with the Xarelto it isn't necessary to get the INR testing done, although it was included in my last blood work done about 10 days ago and was at 1.2.

    I agree to with you that the company I have been working for is not a good company. My boss has not even taken the time to make a 5 minute call to see how I am! Unbelievable in my book! Anyway here in the DR the law really protects the employees so luckily the company cannot fire me and have to continue to pay me while I am off on sick leave, however once the dr says I am okay to work again they can fire me but they will still have to pay me something for compensation, so that will help til I can find another job.

    I hope you are feeling okay and can enjoy the holidays. Thanks for responding!


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