Worried about bruising following bike fall


I take warfarin 6.5 / 7 mg alternate in conjunction with dispersible aspirin tacrolimus and Hydrocarbamide ( liver transplant truly of ET causing budd Chiari syndrome ( BCS )

I fe if my MTB today following I'll advised cycling down wet limestone track . I have a bruise the size of a medium grapefruit now sprouting Dom my hip. Worried it may be heamatoma that will chase problems rather thN old school comic book lump . My INR is 3.1

I would put image on but selfie is unrepresentative and do not want to worry family members at this stage.

Any advice welcome

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  • I think you should check with your specialist for BCS etc. It is at the end of the day a big blood clot. I had a few injuries from racing dirt bikes including a large haematoma and always wondered if they had been a contributory factor to getting 2 PE's. The haematoma will, for a normal person, just break down eventually and go.

  • Hi if you are worried about anything you should see a Doctor.

    I can only talk about myself

    I fell off a ladder and hit my kidney area on a radiator, causing a huge bruise, I went to Hospital because of the risk of damage to my kidney, all was ok

    The bruise became worse over the next couple of days, spreading downwards gravity, and then turned a lovely yellow colour, it took weeks to go.

    But I haven't had a transplant so not sure about that

    Have you looked up on the internet about Haematoma, might give you an idea what one looks like

  • I'm a keen cyclist and taking warfarin (INR 3) and have always been told that falling off is not a good idea due to the increased risk of haemorrhaging or internal bruising. For peace of mind I would definitely get it checked out.

  • Go to A&E and get it checked out if you feel the need but don't worry unduly, don't take any medications for it and expect a lengthy and colourful bruising process.

    I got shoved in the back by on a stag night out around 3-4 months after a mitral valve replacement, completely unprovoked and completely blind, I stacked it and landed on my hip. I was still getting used to the effects of Warfarin, as I'd been given lots of Ibuprofen following surgery I assumed it would be okay and took a 400mg tablet on the two following days to help with the bruising - schoolboy error.

    I went to A&E back home on the third day for an x-ray and INR check and it'd reached about 7, my therapeutic range is 2.3-3.5, turns out I was only safe on Ibuprofen in hospital because they were closely monitoring my INR, it had the effect of amplifying the Warfarin and making the haematoma/bruise significantly worse. In the end I had about two months of a slowly spreading then yellowing bruise and I still have a nice scar from it, but no lasting ill-effects. imgur.com/a/9KQh7

    I'm also a mountain biker and I snowboard so I'm fairly experienced at Warfarin injuries, I don't let a silly thing like a heart valve replacement stop me having fun :) I use d3o kneepads, sometimes elbow pads for MTB and crash pants for boarding, you can't protect everything and hips are a difficult one, but d3o is excellent stuff and worth checking out for the bits you can protect.

  • Thanks for all replies and the advice contained within them . The post was in response to the shock I had when I discovered the lump on my hip which was quite frightening . However, I have looked at the pictures of heamatomas and now the bruising is coming out it looks like I will have a very large area of bruising which will fade eventually. The lump is receding yet I am taking painkillers ( not into - co codamol and just paracetamol from tomorrow. ) incidentally, the liver transplant was the means by which I got shot of the BCS though the ET that caused it remains - did not explain that very well.

    Thanks again

  • I have a bruise on my shin for , what must be more than 20 years. Can a bruise be a trigger for any other problem?

  • Great to see others are not letting their need for warfarin stopping them from leading an active life. I had an Aortic valve replacment and Aorta graft Aug 13 but since then have cycled over 6000 miles and completed many long distance events. I don't race anymore and am more careful on long descents but other than that I am riding as fast (if not faster) than before my operation.

    For me the biggest change has been the alcohol as I find that I need to drink reguarly to keep my INR levels constant. I would say I am drinking more now than before my op :-)

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