Homeopathy and Coumadin


So I am also taking my masters course in Complimentary Alternative Medicine and this semester I am taking herbology and homeopathy. Awesome! However, everything seems to interact with coumadin! Has anyone used some homeopathy or herbology? I am asking this because I know taking certain herbs in small doses are fine. Coumadin interacts with garlic and I use it almost everynight. Anyhow just looking for some feedback.

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  • I don't it's I feel is not worth the risk. I eat garlic in food also ginger but not in large amounts

  • I take 1 fresh garlic a day, small clove. I eat half in the morning and half in the afternoon just to spread it. Coumadin is taken everyday around 6 pm. Dosage 5 mg. If someone wanted to incorporate fresh Grlic into their diet try half fresh clove and spread the time. Eat half of the half clove early in the day with breakfast, then the other half of half of clove in the late afternoon with a snack or lunch. Inr is stable for me so far. Talk to your doctor before making any changes.

    There was a women who took fish oil pill with her Coumadin and it did raise her Inr, so her doctor adjusted the coumadin so she continue to take the fish oil. All docs are different when comes to combining natural alternatives to pharma meds. Goodluck.

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