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3 months on warfarin for dvt?

Hi, was diagnosed with dvt after visiting a&e 4 weeks ago. Took 2 1/2 weeks for blood to rise from1.3 to 2.6 in those last 3 days of taking fragmin and warfarin. That weekend got dvt in opposite leg but doctor says it's not a dvt after measuring it. I didn't have swelling or redness on my first dvt. I have only been advised warfarin for 12 weeks and I'm not sure this will be long enough, everyone I've read about is 6 months. This warfarin gives me constant nausea, pains and strange feelings also taking lansoprazole due to enflamed stomach. I'm at my witts end.

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Hi :)

12 weeks is pretty standard for a first dvt, if you are worried it's not long enough you can request to stay on it longer. Have you talked to your gp or nurse about alternative anti coagulants? I was on Rivaroxaban and it worked well for me I had no side affects and it stabilises itself so no blood tests required you can take it at your convenience and get on with your day!

Please insist on a scan if you suspect another clot, I thought I had another while on the medication so I was sent for a scan straight away it was negative and just cramp (i have a job where i'm on my feet all day)

Let us know how you get on and i hope my advice was useful.


Hi, apparently they don't like giving other meds cause they aren't reversible, so is the one your taking reversible, god for bid in case of an emergency? Thanks for taking time to reply


I only had 12 weeks of warfarin for my DVT (calf). Like you, I also was told in A&E that it couldn't possibly be a DVT as there was no swelling nor any redness.


Hi Speacock36

I'm 38yrs old and I've had 9 clots 1 PE and 1 TIA in nearly 20 yrs.

You don't have to have swelling or redness to have a blood clot, 3 of mine had no symptoms except for consistent cramp.

I don't want to scare you, so all I can recommend is that you ask your GP to refer you to a consultant and ask for a scan of your leg.

Keep a note of any symptoms you may be experiencing so that you have evidence of what you think the problem may be.

Otherwise, keep active and healthy.

Take care.

Jo xx


Hi all of you, thanks for reasurring me regarding the 12 weeks. As for thinking I have another clot in the other leg I will be adamant I want it scanned on Monday when I go back to the docs. It really hit me for 6 and as I went to the docs in April with other symptoms and nothing was found. Doc thinks I'm crazy, with anxiety and depression he wasn't too impressed that I didn't want meds. I've never been ill before. Thanks again.x


No Rivaroxaban isn't reversible so you have to think hard of the pros and cons. I hate warfarin and the inconvenience of blood tests so my nurse practically threw it me! It's your health and your decision if the warfarin is making you ill so have a good talk with your gp on Monday and let us know how you get on :)


Here's my update, I went to a&e yesterday and they booked me in to the DVT clinic to check my leg. Not sure why people dont get sent there be reassured in the first place. They were really nice and helpful, explaining all sorts especially the process of knowing if I've been on the warfarin long enough. Had Doppler and proved that I didn't have another DVT, I was pleased as you can imagine, however the pain in my groin showed an enlarged lymph gland which was probably the pain in my leg. Was told it was a pulled muscle beginning of the week. So now its investigation ongoing starting at the doctors Monday. Feeling a lot better with stomach, but back pain is increased just below my shoulder blades right across and my hair is coming out for fun. Thanks for listening to my worries


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