Why do my tests keep coming back with Low inr?

Hello everyone I've been on warfarin for 12 years now but for the past two month my inr keeps coming back the same 1.6 my does keeps going up but it doesn't seem to be making a difference I have even quit smoking and that has made no difference. Does anyone know if the juice plus diet could affect my results in a negative way as I am currently using the shakes and healthy eating diet plan to try and loose weight.

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  • Hi Laura. There are a number of possible reasons but it does need to be taken seriously. I presume that you are aware of changes in diet and alcohol intake which can cause a problem. One which folk sometimes miss is a change in other medication which you might have started, even over the counter stuff from the chemist, so have a think through these things. Otherwise take the problem to your doctor and persist in seeking the cause as some other ailments could be the cause and this is just the symptom. All the best and do stay in touch with us.

  • Well I've also been suffering from lower back pain for about a month now and was wondering if that could be linked too as the pain starts in my lower back and travels down my leg, my gp is not the greatest he usually tells me to call the anticoagulant clinic if I have any queries regarding my results or dosage. I do realise diet and supplements and medication can affect results and I did a lot of research on the diet before I started and all the information I found said that taking juice plus whilst eating healthy with regular exercise can work with the warfarin and help keep results stable.

  • There are many causes for low back pain. Insist on a referral. I had the same a few years ago. They found I had a problem with both the c 4-5 and the low back. I know if I bend over too far, the pain catches me. I was out of action for a day or two. It is part of the aging process, arthritis, etc.  There are other medical conditions and it should be looked at closely,  keep a check on your posture, try not to slump.

    I hop you will get a result soon.

  • Laura. It sounds like you have the diet and meds under control so well done there. Your back pain might or might not be connected; it depends what is causing the back pain. Has you body weight changed much recently? I still think that a persistent call on your GP to explore the back pain is called for even if only to rule it out. What Warfarin dose do you take and what is your normal INR.

  • What juices are you drinking?

  • I had a baby 6 months ago so still carrying a bit of baby weight not a lot though about a stone. At the minute I'm on 13mg my normal inr is 3. The juices that I am using aren't juice they are shakes it is the juice plus shake I checked the ingredients and they are full of fruits and vitamins and minerals not vitamin k .

  • My INR has to be around 3.5 sometimes for no apparent reason that I can find it gets low to too high. I wonder if dehydration makes a difference.

    I would phone your anticoagulant clinic and ask them for advice. I have been given Clexane injection to give myself if my INR goes below 3 but that is because I have Hughes syndrome.

    ???? Pregnancy hormones etc might have made a difference

    Perhaps your Gp needs more training but at least he has told you to get in contact with the anticoagulant clinic,which is what I would do

    Good luck you really need to do something an INR of 1.6 is not enough for you, it's almost like you are not covered for blood clotting,phone today if you haven't already.

  • Laura,

    I don't think you said if you were taking any pain-killers for your lower back pain and what sounds like Sciatica? I'm no medic, but thought I'd check you know - in case your GP hasn't volunteered it - that anti-inflammatory medication reacts with warfarin?

    Otherwise, INR readings bounce around for virtually all of us. As a result and with the experience gained over years, I have to admit I don't now always precisely follow the prescribed dose variances (up or down) suggested by the anti-coag clinic.

    My target INR is 3.25. Over the last 5 months - with no obvious external factors/change in diet etc. - and depending upon each reading, I have kept to within 1mg of my normal 9mg per day and my readings have improved yet have still ranged from 2.5 to 3.9. Believe it or not, is better than when I used to religiously follow the anti-coag dose changes.

    I realise this is hardly 'best-practice' advice and I'm not suggesting you or anyone changes what they do, it is merely do illustrate the very imprecise science that those on Warfarin live with and to say it is worth having a discussion with clinicians.

    Best Wishes - hope things sort themselves out


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