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DVT and Foot Fracture.. HELP PLEASE :)

Hi my names Síobhan, It all started 2months ago I missed a step and received a foot fracture. For the 1st 3-4 weeks they said it was a sprain and I went for an MRI which then showed up as 2fractures. Then a week later I got my CT scan results and it was one fracture, which then I was put in a cast that was fitted too tight. I went to Sydney a week later and on the plane I didn't feel well and as soon as I got of I had a pain in my right calf. I went to hospital and it turned out to be a blood clot :((

This was 2weeks ago now but since I returned to Melbourne I have not received much support and don't know what to do. I am on warfarin and have been getting tests every 2/3 with the hospital and my new doctors surgery which haven't been helpful at all. I have all these questions and know one to ask. If anyone can help here it would be much appreciated. I resisted googling things since last week because it was so scary some of things I discovered.

I joined here today having read alot of stories which I can relate to. Because of the fracture still healing I don't know how much I should be exercising etc and in what way? Th pain has came back after a week without and it is really stressful. I also don't know when it is ok to go back to school as I'm a teacher?


Síobhan :)

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Hi Siobham; Sorry to hear about your woes. I am a patient like you, not a medic so my first advice is to keep asking the doctors questions until you gain confidence in them. You will possibly be on Warfarin for a few months to ensure that the clot breaks up and there are no others. Your INR (which is a measure of the clotting speed of the blood and is extended by warfarin) will settle down after a while (usually 3 or 4 weeks) and you won't need so frequent blood tests.

To avoid blood clots keeping exercising is usually a good idea and I would recommend this to you too. You will be limited by the plaster cast but that will protect you from aggravating the fracture and it is movement of the muscles which is important not strenuous effort so exercise the bad leg as much as you can without too much strain. I don't see any reason why you shouldn't go back to school and get on with normal life as much as possible.

If you have any more long air flights in the near future then read up on how to avoid DVTs on the internet and take the advice about keeping moving, wearing compression stockings etc. but the warfarin will also protect you from more blood clots.

Try not to be too worried, I know it is uncomfortable and that might last for a while yet but blood clots in the calf are not as serious or dangerous as deep vein clots in the upper part of the leg. All the best and keep us posted on how you get on won't you.


In addition to long flights any time where you remain sedentary for long periods. So, that includes long car journeys and sitting doing a lot of reading.


Hi PBirt, thanks for the prompt and informative response :) I haven't had anymore feedback from my doctors yet as my next fracture appointment is not until Monday! I'm not actually in the hard cast anymore, it only went on for a week and I was back in the cam boot! There has been so much wrong move in my diagnosis and treatment and now confused myself. Because of the blood clot 2 and a half weeks ago I have been moving my foot alot more and putting pressure on it as I want to keep the circulation going. Maybe I should really be having psyio so it can be controlled. But because I don't think the fracture has healed at all yet it's so hard to know what's best. Resting and elevating it more or exercise in the boot. Yes my blood test are every 4days now which is better than 2/3. My arm was feeling the stress!

I hunk I'm going to go back to school next Wednesday, I'm actually really nervous as I haven't been teaching in 6 weeks now and I feel my confidence has been lost alot since all this happened. Going out on the crutches and cam boot is becoming embarrassing because people can't help stare. Think I just need to throw myself back into everything though to get over this. Also I'm afraid of hurting myself more as its a 50 journey of trains and buses :/

Sorry I'm doing alot of talking here :)

How are you and your injury going?

Thanks for the advice :) really appreciate it :)


Hi Siobhany. I'm doing fine thanks, just having to live with the facts of increasing age but otherwise coping and getting on with life.

I'm pleased that the blood tests are getting less frequent. Presumably your INR is getting into range OK. You might find that your GP practice or even a local pharmacy can do the INR checks now using one of the new devices that only require a finger prick for a small drop of blood and then give your INR result in 30 seconds. They are less intrusive than the venous sample taken at the hospital and often much more convenient to get to. Have a ring round and see.

Be careful not to do more damage but err on the side of exercise rather than rest to keep that circulation going. The body is a wonderful thing and if you try to do to much it will tell you; it will hurt.

As always the best remedy is to get on with life and stop focussing on your condition as much as possible so going back to work and a more normal routine will stop you noticing folk looking at the boot or worrying about the clot. I would resume as much normality as possible as soon as possible.

Hang in there, you're doing OK


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