Warfarin free!!

Well folks after a long, stressful 6 months I have been confirmed that I can stop taking Warfarin. I am waiting to see a haematologist once my system is completely free of it and my gp has diagnosed me with post thrombotic syndrome in my leg which swells and hurts most days.

I thought I would be more excited about coming off but I actually feel scared that my safety net has been taken away and terrified that I might get another clot!

Is it just me or has anyone ever felt like this? I feel I should be happy but a dark cloud is hanging over me. I think I may be slightly traumatised after getting dvt in the first place.

Any replies would be appreciated x

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  • Hi again fedup33. You know that all of us who are on Warfarin, for a few months or for life know that it is to protect us from a hazard, usually a blood clot. We get from it a sense of security even if we don't like taking medicines and that is perfectly natural. It is not surprising therefore that we feel a little anxious at first when that security is taken away; that is also natural and common to others too. Don't worry, your doctors are well trained and know what they are doing and you can take security from their experience and skill like you did from Warfarin. When you next see your GP or the haematologist why not tell them how you feel and let them reassure you too. All the best

  • Hi, I felt exactly the same. I got a DVT after being on the pill for 10 weeks. After 6 months of warfarin I was excited to come off it. However, I then felt like you and that my safety net had been taken from me. I returned to the doctors a couple of times as I was experiecing aches in the other leg and was a bit paranoid (although it is perrectly understandable after what we have been through)!

    It is 13 weeks on and I still experience different aches and pains but quickly assess if they are just a twinge of anything to worry about. I think that I am relaxing more as time goes on. I am a bit apprehensive about a long ferry/car journey at the end of the week to south france but we are on the overnight ferry so I can walk about and will stop to walk every 2 hours to keep things flowing.

    So in answer to your question, that is exactly how I felt and it took a while to relax about it all.

    Hope this helps some :0)

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