Anyone with experience of Sinthrome?

Can anyone tell me:

How often you need blood tests if you are on Sinthrome and whether they are of the venous or pin-prick type?

If it is suitable for people who have or have had AF and a tissue AVR?

Whether there are the same dietary restrictions as with Warfarin?

Whether there are any interactions with Bisoprolol and/or Levothyroxine?

I had a discussion with the nurse this morning while getting my INR checked. Apparently my GP will prescribe Sinthrome, even considering the increased cost, although some doctors at the same surgery will not as they don't "trust" situations where they can't check readings.


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  • hi MrsPat. You might find the following website helpful.

    Dietary restrictions are very similar to Warfarin and other Vitamin K antagonists. INR tests are like Warfarin and either nenous samples or finger prick "CoaguChek" tests will work. Not sure about interaction with the other medications but you will certainly find out with an Internet search or just ask your GP or anticoag. clinic.

  • Thank you. I think the nurse at my GP surgery was confused as I explained to her that I am unhappy with the testing regime, not to mention whether or not I will continue to require anticoagulation. I also spoke to the senior nurse later. Both were very supportive of discussing things with the GP, which is where I have my INR checked. They were also able to tell me what the general policies are in the surgery.

  • Hi again MrsPat

    I forgot to include the website, sorry

  • HI mrspat, I was on sinthrome for a number of months due to allergic reactions on warfrin, you have the blood tests the same as you did with warfrin and the dietary restrictions are very much the same too, but just one word of warning this can be in short supply so I was always given a prescription for a month in advance, hope this is of some help to you Julia x

  • Thanks.

    It doesn't sound as if Sinthrome would be a good choice for me.

  • I was taken off Warfarin because of hair loss. Sinthrome was the alternative snd I am happy to continue taking it. I use a coaguchek to monitor my own blood and I have had no problems at all. I to am on Levothyroxine and have had no difficulties. Hopethis helps

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