worried about how long to stabilise my INR

Hi,I have been on warfarin since January +6 weeks of clexane injections.was diagnosed with acute above knee DVT,no apparent reason for this happening.had to have abdominal CT scan to rule out cancer,which thankfully I never had,the intended time for taking the warfarin was 6 months initially.There is a family history of thrombosis and I am wondering if I may have to stay on warfarin for longer.My INR readings have been affected by other medication that I have had to take, and are a bit unstable at the present time.How many times should my INR be wihin range for before I can come off it? and do they recheck after a period of time to make sure that everything is still ok,I'm very concerned that they will just leave me and not bother to keep a check,thankyou in advance for any advice!!

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  • If your family has thrombosis history have they tested for 'Leiden Factor V'? This is an inherited condition where those affected have a higher risk of thrombosis. My brother has it but I don't.

    INR is a measure of the speed at which your blood coagulates and hence risk of clotting or bleeding. How long your INR is 'in range' will not be a factor in 'coming off' warfarin. It's just a measure of how well the warfarin is doing its job.

    I've no idea on aftercare for DVT sufferers, I'm glad I'm on warfarin and can't get DVT when sitting on a plane!

  • Hi Tipper,thanks for your reply. I will check with the doctor to see if they did test my blood for the "Leiden factor V" you mentioned,thankyou. I have never heard of it,even though 4 other members of my immediate family (3 now deceased) suffered from DVT & Thrombosis,so I class myself as pretty lucky in the circumstances.Well once again thankyou, will let you know what happens.

  • Hi hon, there are several blood clotting disorders, you should be checked for all as you have a strong family history of clotting. Ask your doctor which ones he tested for. Hughes Syndrome is another, this often has other symptoms with it, take a look at the Hughes Syndrome web site. If you do hav a clotting disorder you might need to be on warfarin for life. I am sure they will have tested for the sual ones, but just check, make sure they also tested for Hughes (APS) Hope you feeling stronger soon. Jane xx

  • Hi Jane,thanks for your reply.I will check out the website you gave me and learn some more.I'll check with my doctor on Monday to see if they have done the relevant tests as I feel very uneasy not knowing more than I do,even though I have researched other sites,but this one is by far the best I've come across.Still I'm grateful for the Warfarin & Clexane,where would be without it? doesn't bare thinking about does it,in the big scheme of things.Well take care Jadesbaby xx

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