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Hi, I have my annual family holiday end of July, which was already booked before I had a PE in feb 2013,

I asked the registrar (as was suppose to see the consultant be he was off) if It safe to go to which the answer was yes as long as my bloods are in range, wear the compression stockings and plenty of fluids before during and after flight! It's only a short flight Spain so just under 3hrs. I was quite reassured but some of my friends and work colleagues think I shouldn't and cancel the holiday. Any advice or reassuring words?

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In theory whilst on warfarin you should be the safest person on the flight.

I had my DVT and PE and flew 10 weeks later to Spain and all was OK.

What will be inportant to realise is that it will be very hot in July in Spain and heat can raise some peoples INR levels. You may eat different food and have slightly more to drink etc etc So you may want the reassurance of going to a doctor during the holiday and having your INR tested. If not then certainly make sure that you are tested just before you go and soon after you get back.

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Hi Jovigirl; what a dilemma. I have never had a PE but in my 60s with A/F and a prosthetic Heart Valve am considered at a very high risk of blood clots. Because this is known and I am now on Warfarin with an INR of 3.0 to 4.0 I travel very frequently on business and often on 12hour flights to the Far East without any worries. In fact, despite the association of long flights with DVTs I actually often feel quite smug about being the least likely passenger to have a blood clot on the aircraft.

It is understandable that your family and friends will worry for you but you should be able to take the advice of your specialist doctor. Are you still taking Warfarin? If so don't stop before your holiday. Drink plenty (not alcohol) and exercise whils travelling etc. If you still have doubts I would recommend you seek another opinion from the consultant if possible but take expert advice before being diverted by your friends' opinions however well meaning they are.

We have to get on with our lives sometimes and try to avoid being controlled by natural anxieties.

Have a great holiday and tell us afterwards about it.


I have had some lovely Holidays since having Hughes syndrome, which caused my clots.

Heart attack, DVT and premature births.Have a look on the Hughes site on health unlocked

The answer to your Question is all the above, but make sure you are covered by insurance.

Life is for living, enjoy your Holiday.

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Thank you for all of your answers I feel a lot more reassured now.


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