coming off warfarin

i had a DVT in my right leg after childbirth, saw a consultant today 4 years later!! and he told me to come off the warfarin as no longer needed, im a little scared coming off he has told me to think about it but would recommend me coming off, i also have a filter and he has told me this wont be coming out as they tried to get out and couldnt get it out so stuck with that aswell, what do you think i should do take the consultants advice and come off the warfarin???

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  • Have a look at the Hughes syndrome Healthunlocked web site especially because you had a blood clot during pregnancy.

    They might give to information you might need along with a lot of support

    Good luck

  • Have you been screened by haematologist to find out the cause of your DVT ? There may be an reason why you had a DVT or caused by prolonged childbirth . If I were you I would ask for a haematology screen if that has not been done !

    Hope all goes well

  • thanks for the answers, the reason i believe why this happened to me was because i had a horrible birth had forceps and then straight into theatre as the placenta wouldnt come out and i believe i had about 2cm of placenta still in me which caused me to have a blood clot 7-8 weeks later.

  • As not everyone who has a horrible birth ends up having DVTs I think it is well worth insisting on a haematology screen ! I found out after a similar experience,30 years later, when I ended up in hospital with multiple bilateral PEs that I had a genetic problem with my clotting. I guess ,that 30 years ago it was not the done thing to do the screening,but now you really should insist I think. I hope this will be useful. These days it should be easy do demand the test!

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