Husband's dvt 6 days ago

My husband was told on Friday he had a dvt at the top of his leg, following pain/tightness which occurred during a walk 6 days ago. He is 70, walks every day, doesn't smoke, and is not overweight. He is having daily injections and warfarin tablets & his inr is being checked daily to begin with. Does anyone know when the swelling/discomfort in his leg will diminish? He completed a walk yesterday (9 miles - not unusual for him), mostly on the flat & was very tired at the end. We are going on a long distance walk in Europe in June, and so far, no one has said this is not adviseable.



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  • Long walks of 9 miles at 70 is too much even though it is his habit so far..A car beraks down even though it had been trouble free for years. Thus he is to necessarily reduce his walks and walk to the extent of his ability.and without strains and discomfort . Taking care till recuperation and minimise getting stained can help him recover.But there after he must reduce his walking.

  • hi, ive had 4 dvts and in everyone have been told complete rest, wear the long elasticated stockings hospital provides. i was under the impression that it could move from leg to lungs thats why complete rest is advised, dont know if things have altered but thats what i was told,. i still get swelling occasionally now ..10 years on., along with mild pain occasionally, i would not think walking at this time is advisable so ask you check with hospital, i may be wrong, things do alter, hope this helps xx

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