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O.k. just installed the app and it seems to do something (it wouldn't work at all on my old phone). So I've been for a walk and the app registered 26min total, 15min brisk walking which I reckon is about right. But then on the main page it says I'm half way to my first Active 10. 15 minutes is half way to 10 minutes? Anyone know what it's trying to tell me?

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You need to do a constant 10 minutes for it to register 10 active minutes. So if you did 8 minutes for example and then stopped for a few minutes before doing the next 7 minutes it will not clock 10 brisk minutes.

Thanks for that. So when they say every minute counts they don't really mean it? Fair enough, I'll ignore the Active 10 count and just look at the actual times.

I think after 10 brisk minutes it then counts all brisk minutes as brisk. Good luck it us worth it and I find it does motivate me!

Every minute counts... so well done getting 15 brisk minutes in. The app only gives active 10s for (virtually) consecutive blocks of 10 minutes, though it does allow a little leeway for crossing roads, I believe.

Recent studies have proven that bursts of less than 10 minutes have the same benefits to health, so I’d expect the app to change in the not too distant future.

The bottom line is getting to 150 minutes of heart raising activity a week is where the NHS and other bodies worldwide say we need to be to improve our health and maintain our fitness well. Could this be 150 one minute bursts? Maybe, I’ll leave that to the scientists... but if you’re doing more than you were last year, you’re heading in the right direction!

I run, and I’ve had a constant 30 minute run not show on the app as 3 active 10s on occasion... the app doesn’t go off heart rate and can be wrong, what matters is we know what we did. The app scoring it is great, but it’s only a visual guide of your journey... they journey itself is more important. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for that. I'm liking the app counting my "brisk" minutes so that encourages me not to just stroll about. But given my current level of fitness 150 minutes moving at all is a bit of a challenge. I'll settle for that and aim for at least some of them to be officially "brisk". Perhaps I will eventually get fitter.

When I arrived in this server the summer before last I had totally maxed out my unfitness levels! In November I ran a half marathon. In between the two events I started small and built up slowly. I wouldn’t advise anybody to go from nothing to 150 immediately... if you did nothing last week and one minute today that’s a start. What you did there is making you fitter and healthier already... if it takes you months to get to 150, that’s cool. Fitness is about getting there and then staying there or going further, not how soon you get there. Enjoy the walks... spring is coming and it’s a wonderful time to be outdoors.

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