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Maybe my weekend walk.

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I was looking around for a weekend walk. I wanted something that was easy to get to and lots to see. I’m not sure which day I might do it, it seems I have the choice of boiling hot or cloudy 😀.

Here is one I am quite tempted by

What is everyone else up to this weekend?

Any walks planned?

Whatever you do I hope you have a healthy happy weekend.


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Looks good. I'm just hoping it's not muggy. Definitely wanting to get out and walk after spending the whole bank holiday weekend assisting with an art show and this week recovering. Next week there's another 'Walk Moor' organised event on the Eastern Moors of the Peak District so I am looking forward to that after enjoying last month's.

That sounds like a nice walk. I do like walking on the moors. I know when I used to walk North Yorkshire moors as a kid my brother used to scare me by saying he had seen adders all around my feet 😂. Hope you get to go out this weekend. Rfc x

This morning I went on a 28 minute Stepping Stone Podcast with Laura, on Saturday morning I'll go a walk in the morning, in the afternoon a short bicycle ride and on Sunday morning I'll try the NHS Couch to 5K=+speed podcast run with Laura.

Sounds like you have a bit going on there, well done for the variety. Rfc x


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Hi Rfc,

We are walking today, parking in Bushey Park then catching the train to Kew or Brentford and walking back beside the Thames... coffee stops!😊

Enjoy your walk!😊xx

I love the Thames path, sounds fun. I keep getting tempted by the glass works on at Kew at the moment, I have seen the pictures and they are very beautiful. Hope you had a great walk. Rfc x

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We did thank you Rfc, over 21k in all, lovely weather and dinner out afterwards! 😊xxx

I hope you had some treats in that dinner it would of been well deserved 😀. Rfc x

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Enjoy your walk this weekend Rfc.😊 xx

Thank you. Finalising my packed lunch as we speak 😀.

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