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How are we all doing?


Let’s touch base with each other and say how we are doing.

Exercise takes the right frame of mind and we are not always in the right place so I really do think how we feel about ourselves and what is going on around us impacts how we do with exercise.

Have a healthy Sunday

Rfc x

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To be honest for the last year I have been a bit all over the place. I have found menopause has impacted my exercise schedule so much and had a knock on effect to my mood, so it has been a bit of a struggle. Menopause has put my thyroid meds out and they have been yoyoing all over the place. With my Doctors advice I have made decision to start HRT, so hopefully things might settle down soon 😀.

And I can get back to having the energy to do what I want.

Whatever your doing take very good care of yourself.

Rfc x

Hoping you get the snap in your step very shortly Rfc.

Thank you. Rfc x

Hi Rfc

Hope things improve for you and everything settles down.

I have been very busy with work, family and hobbies but still trying to fit in three runs a week. Unfortunately since running several 10k's over the last few weeks my tendonitis is niggling 😕. Still walking doggie daily and have a physically demanding job, so feel that I am keeping active.

You have a lot going on there, well done for keeping up with it all. Look after that tendonitis. Rfc x

Was out of activity for about a month with a pretty bad ankle sprain. Missed some of my running races (including my half marathon which I was REALLY trained up for), but I'm hoping I'll be okay for my 8 mile one in a couple of weeks. At this point it may be 75% walking with very little running, but that's a-okay. Hope everyone else is doing well.

Ouch, that must of been such a wrench getting all trained up and missing it. I feel that frustration. Glad you are on the mend. Due to everything I have got going on my doc and physio advised a reduction in exertion. So my half marathon was a breakdown of 2 mins walk and 30 seconds run, it was really nice and relaxed and I managed to do it in 3:10:58. Good luck with the rest of your training.


Last week I walked 51 miles and this week I have done 37.5 miles of walking altogether.

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That is brilliant, some impressive mileage there. Well done Rfc x

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