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Sunshine walks.

Is the sun shining where you are?If so are you going to make use of it and get some heat on your joints? 😀

Whatever you do have a great weekend.

I walked 15km on Friday and 8km yesterday and I am hoping for a little run today.

The picture is of our walk by the Thames on Friday, I just liked the contrast of the HMS Belfast and the Shard.

Have a happy healthy weekend

Rfc x

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Sun is shining and spring is here Rfc. But on a run on Thursday, I hit a step funny and sprained my ankle. So currently walking as little as possible and with the aid of a hiking pole. Hopefully back to little walks in a few days here. Heading off to parkrun shortly to help out at the finish line since I can't do much else.

Happy walking everyone.

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Also, 15 km walk!! Way to go! Way to get spring started!

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Thank you. Take it easy, sounds like a right pain. Enjoy Parkrun as a helper. Rfc x

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