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Who is walking this weekend?

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I am hoping for a walk this weekend , I think the weather might be kind to us.

Has anybody else got a walk planned?

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Hoping to walk... tailwalking parkrun in the morning, and I could do without too much running 😂

Tailwalking park run sound fun. Hope the weather stays nice for you. Rfc x

Walked the whole thing and was back for opening time!

Sadly the opening time workout on Nike Training doesn’t involve sitting on the step of the pub waiting for it to open... it’s a stretch and flex thing... who knew?

Stretch and flex on the pub steps maybe?

Ahh... that’s where I should have done it!

Do you know, I haven't felt up to par for ages now. I even came back from my week with my grandchildren with an awful dose of the dreaded lurgy! I'm "strolling" when I do venture out, as I'm struggling a bit with my breathing just now. But I do feel bad because I actually haven't been out of my house since Monday, when I came back home! So it looks like I'm grounded for the time being!?!

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I was was wondering how you are getting on. I am struggling a bit with hay fever at the moment, constant runny nose and it somehow manages to get my stomach as well, my energy is definitely below par. It took me years to work it out. Is it possible it might be the same for you? It gets me every year but somehow it always take me by surprise, feel well soon and take care of yourself. Rfc xxx

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Strange you should say that, Rfc - in the mornings my nose runs like a tap! Maybe that's got something to do with not being able to breathe properly. I'm going to have to see the GP about it, cos I'm using an illicit inhaler at the moment!

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Tut tut, they took my nasal spray away from me last year. I might go and see if there is anything I can use short term if it is no better next week. Worth getting it checked out, I felt so much better when I got it sorted. Xxxx

I have two walks planned for the weekend, The Saturday day one is around 65 minutes and the Sunday morning walk about 70 minutes, as I'm now also with C25K sometime during my walks and especially when I see other runners I will have a short run as well, but only if I'm wearing trainers rather than my walking boots, incidently I joined a local walking group around about the middle of January and go a walk with them every Thursday morning, it's divided into two groups, the short slower walks and the longer quicker group, I am with the latter.

After the walk we all meet up in the local leisure centre, have a chat, drink a coffee and have cakes or a biscuit.

That sounds great. It is good to hear experiences from walking groups as I know of few of our members would be interested but are a bit intimidated by them. It is good to hear that they can have two separate levels of walking but a collective meet up afterwards, that is really nice.

Enjoy your walks this weekend.

Rfc x

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Love the idea of 2 different levels, AlMorr. And the coffee and cake afterwards sounds great!

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The leisure centre where my walking group meet is Broadwood in Cumbernauld which is situated 12 miles north east of Glasgow, it has two gyms, a football stadium, home of Clyde Football Club, a spin room, several other keep fit classes and a cafe, the gym has been rated as one of the best local authority gyms in Scotland. 😊

My Dad has started going to a balance class at his local gym, they are offering so much for so many people at the moment, it is great see that.

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Sounds like a great walking group. I'd love a slow long group in my area.

The weather in February here was record breaking lows with no chinooks for respite. Was also dealing with being ill and a family medical emergency. This weekend, finally, forecast is nice. Already been for a run, and have another, plus a good walk planned.

Sorry things seem so tough, I hope it eases up soon for you. I bet you were ready for that run. Take care of yourself. Rfc xxx

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