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C25k and active 10

I’m at the moment just finished w6 of c25k, I’ve signed up for RED January, can I use this to log my walking on my rest days from c25k. Or has anyone got any other suggestions please. 😊

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Hi there welcome to our little forum. When you say log, do you mean using the app to log your walks or the forum just to record and post about your walks. Either is fine. I will say if your are thinking solely about logging your runs in the app I would have a back up as well as unfortunately it has been a little glitchy.


C25K and walking go so well together. On days that I don't run, I try and get in a walk for sure. I have a running watch that I rewarded myself after completing C25K several years ago, I record my walks on the same program. Some people like to keep track with pen and paper. My partner was using Google Fit for awhile. All depends what you want to do.


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