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Four years of PV.

PV , I live on an Island and have to wait for visiting haematologists every three months , my lovely GP doesn't know much about PV, so no point in asking for info there, I also have an horrendous leg rash since being diagnosed 4 years ago, no-one can tell what it is, the itch from it is really bad. if I had a sharp knife I feel I could cut the skin off it gets so bad. I have had every known ointment /cream to rub in but nothing works, UVB light treatment also and biopsy's but all I got from the Skin specialist was a shrug of his shoulders and him saying well I don't know the cause. Rant over and I will just have to put up with it. hey ho at least I'm alive.

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I am sorry you are suffering it must be difficult with the wait to see specialists. Unfortunately we can’t offer any medical help on here, I hope get a resolution soon.


Dear bordeauxgirl, it must be difficult for you with the skin rash on top of other problems. I do know from experience that at times, too much medicine (and in this I include topical application like creams) can actually aggravate skin problems. You may consider whether this could be the case. Try sitting in morning sunlight (half an hour anytime till noon) with a thin cloth over the part for a few days and see. Sunlight is very healing. Wish you good health.


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