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Why no reward?

Walking a dog on a lead makes it difficult to get 10 consecutive minutes...however this week I have made a concerted effort and managed to do "active10's" on seven consecutive days. I was expecting a Walking Warrior Bronze reward (on the app) after today's walk and am now bitterly disappointed as I didn't get one. Pft!

I will still walk briskly as always (often three quarters of the time spent walking our dog is brisk, but they aen't altogether normally as he's always stopping to sniff etc), but I won't try getting any more walking Warrior rewards in future.

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Hi Ollies_mum! I'm so sorry that the Active 10 app is misbehaving and hasn't awarded you the Walking Warrior Bronze reward - and I can't explain what's gone wrong, because I don't use/understand the app! However, if you want, I can replace your Walking Wonder badge, here on the forum, with the Walking Warrior badge! Just let me know if you'd like me to do this and I will. Well done on your walking achievements so far :-)

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I also had a same experience, its not reflect in app. didn't understand why..

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