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Lung blood clots

Hi all

I need some advice. I have since Jan 1 Wt 240 lbs

To april 30 212 lbs. This week i have landed in hospital with massive blood clots in my lungs.also pneumonia. I was very active walker 30 mins brisk walk minimum. Now as I am flat on my back, I miss my exercise walks. At the moment I can only do a few steps. How long did it take to get back to Active 10 walking.

Any recommended excercise.

Diet is basic low carb. I still have 40 lbs to loose

Any info helps.. All Dr s spoken to have little info on

nutrition and exercise

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Hi Jarowalk - so sorry to hear about your illness. I would advise you only to exercise with the blessing of your physiotherapist - blood clots can cause really serious problems! But once you're OK to walk again, the Active 10 programme says that once you can just about talk, but not sing, you're brisk walking and the optimum time to brisk walk is 10mins three times a day. You'll be able to judge your fitness level by how far you walk in those 10mins. I, personally, can only do 6mins - I have a back problem - but even that has been a great help to my fitness levels! It took me a month or so to get to 6mins, but we're all different and we have different problems to overcome - you could get there much faster! But the biggest thing is to get the physio involved and follow Rfc's mantra - slow and steady!;)

PS A low carb diet is good! Maybe think about cutting back on portions while you're not so mobile?


Many thanks for your good advice. I myself have lower back problems and brisk 10 was my saving grace to the point of little pain. Re portion size i am in hospital very easy to cut portion size food is tastless and unappetizing.

I again thankyou for bring me back to reality.

I will think about the slow start. At the age of 65 I require to learn slow and steady.

Thank you again


I wish you well on your journey back to good health - here at the forum we're all rooting for you! And your mood will be so much better once you are allowed to go home - something good to look forward to!


I had blood clots back in December and I used them as a wake up call to make some changes in life.


As Kay said, the best advice will come from your doctor. I know from personal experience that it's really hard once you've had a blow to your health to realize you're starting from ground zero. But slowly and surely you figure out what works for you and build up from there.

One thing to keep in mind once you are back to walking is that it doesn't have to be all at once with great gusto. You can add little extra steps in throughout the day to make it less taxing on your system. This was how I built up my walking again, with much shorter, but more frequent little walks. And it doesn't have to be brisk at the start - heck! mine are never brisk. When I started back up walking I was toodling mostly around dead shopping malls. They were quiet, and I could sit on all of the benches and take a break along the way. Those little breaks can make all the difference.

Good luck, and hopefully your doctor provides some good advice. Keep posting and let us know how you do.

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My only advice after get back to exercise after being benched through surgery is to build up very slowly. It is better to finish with something left in the tank and be able to do a bit more next day than totally over do it it and have to rest before you can try again. It will take a lot less time than you realise. Slow and steady and keep coming back here for motivation and support.

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Many thanks. The constant msg i am seeing is slow and easy. This will becomes my mantra.

Reality of situation has set in. Thankfully Dr s

are not sparing expense in seach for cause. Social medicine working. Will be in hospital a few more days. Walk the halls and rest.


Jarowalk, So sorry to hear about your health setback. While you are still largely not mobile, you could do vipassana breathing. Just slow inhale of breath, count 1, slow inhale, count 2 (don't hold your breath) - till you get to 10. Then start all over again. The regular breathing does wonders for your morale and health. I've done it when I was flat on my back for 3 weeks following a back injury. Cheers and get well soon!


Many thanks. Will definitely do this. Simple and a big thank you for good wishes


What I did after my blood clots was I started off doing small amounts of walking like 10 minutes to start with and stopped if I got winded.

Take your time and start small witg what you can manage and then work your way up.

Good luck!


Hi Jarowalk - hope that you are back home now and enjoying the wonderful sunshine!:)


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